BitHub is a profit sharing digital asset exchange company with a team headquartered in New York, USA. It operates exchanges of Bitcoin (₿), Ethereum (Ξ), Litecoin (Ł) and BitHub Token (Ƀ) with fiat currencies.

ICO from Mar 10, 2018 until Apr 10, 2018

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USA, China, Singapore, South Korea
3500 BHT = 1 ETH

BitHub ICO Description:

BitHub is creating a profit sharing digital asset service and exchange platform that supports trading of cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. 20% of BitHub profit will be shared among BitHub token holders.We start by utilizing 0.08% to 0.19% trading fees in order to maximize the profit and viability of traders while protecting market liquidity and allowing cryptocurrencies to perform at their true peak. 

We’ll also provide Algorithmic Trading support utilizing the FIX, WebSocket, and REST APIs. Our goal is to make it easy to encourage the use of algorithms and other advanced trading vehicles to proove ourselves as a top-tier service provider. The BHT token crowdsale will begin with a one month long pre-sale campaign starting Jan 10, 2018 at 00:00 GMT with a total supply of 7,500,000 BHT. The initial rate will be set at 5 BHT = 1 USD or 3500 BHT = 1 ETH. 

We will offer a variety of pre-sale bonus rates as well: - 5,000 BHT = 5% Bonus - 12,500 BHT = 10% Bonus- 25,000 BHT = 20% Bonus - 50,000 BHT = 25% Bonus - 125,000 BHT = 30% Bonus - 250,000 BHT = 35% Bonus - 1,000,000 BHT = 40% Bonus The main crowdsale starts Feb 10, 2018 at 00:00 GMT. The initial rate will be set at 3 BHT = 1 USD or 2000 BHT = 1 ETH. For the first three weeks, all the ICO participants will also experience an icrease of their BitHub Tokens: - Day 1-2 = 15% Bonus - Day 3-7 = 10% Bonus - Week 2 = 7% Bonus - Week 3 = 3% Bonus As the ecosystem matures, we plan to provide new features and benefits for our traders, and potentially for our investors. Our current roadmap of additional BitHub services includes: - Expansion of BTC Options - Inclusion of BTC Futures - Margin trading based on multiple cryptocurrencies

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